Whew… what a weekend.   In addition to all our usual chores we… mucked out the barn and spread manure… doctored a yearling stricken by meningeal worm… moved feeders and one of the big shelters… brought the yearlings over to the barn paddock… brush-hogged… mowed down hay…put up temporary fence for a new paddock in the barnyard…and so on… and so on…
We also managed to squeeze in a neighborhood pig roast, a family get together with visiting cousins and a little bit of this…

Aaahhh… summer…

Other Weekend Highlights

** Naturally-dyed 12 ozs of lamb’s wool locks in a daisy dyebath, adding a little baking soda at the end to change the ph; aiming for chartreuse but resulting in a kind of bright, yellow-green; pretty but not chartreuse

** Carded some sun-yellow lamb’s wool for a roving project; washed some Border Leicester fleece

** Spent an hour tearing apart the fiber room looking for an escaped guinea keet; finally found hunkered down among small bags of wool on a shelf about 4 feet off the floor

** Cleaned out the ‘deep bedding’ pen in the barn; spread the manure on the graveyard field; many thanks to John, Terry, Jonathan, Megan and Lena for their help and 5 1/2 hours of hard work

** Watched the tree swallows doing some serious dive-bombing of the crouching until almost flat Davita cat

** And best of all, picked and enjoyed the first blueberries of the summer!