Some R and R

This handsome line-up of rams is enjoying a well-deserved period of rest and relaxation. Despite the severe winter, the rams did a fabulous job during breeding season. There are just a couple of stragglers left and lambing season will be over. These guys will be spending the summer getting ‘fat and sassy’. What a life!

2 thoughts on “Some R and R

  1. What delightful pictures!!! We're getting a couple of lambs in a few weeks! We LOVE having them around, great lawn mowers and so low maintenence! Perfect for our little hobby farm!

  2. Maureen – I am sure you are looking forward to your lambs' arrival. How exciting! They are so fun to watch. It takes me a long time to complete evening chores because I keep pausing to watch the lambs. Good luck with your little 'lawn mowers'.

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