The Little Fellas

We realized sometime this week, that we have neglected to share with you the story of ‘The Little Fellas’. Born on April 24th, these little twin rams weighed 6 lbs 11 ozs and 4 lbs 15 ozs when they hit the ground. We were worried that the smallest one might not make it or might become a ‘bottle baby’, but he was strong and determined. Their mama, Dierdre, was a wonderful, attentive, 1st time mother and seemed to be intent on getting her little fellas up and going.

We moved them into a lambing jug in the barn and went to work. It definitely helped that Dierdre is small and built low to the ground because little Mr. 1034 could just barely reach her udder to nurse. We put a ‘grow light’ on them, and they grew… even thrived.
Look at them now! ‘The Little Fellas’ – Mr. 1030 and Mr. 1034 – out in the pasture going strong. They are still pretty small, but seem determined to catch up to the bigger lambs. It will be fun to follow their progress throughout the summer.

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