Barn Cats in Late Summer

Davita and Pumpkin


During these waning days of summer, the barn cats have been taking it easy. The hot days and cooler nights have encouraged them to spend most of the day cat napping, leaving the night for prowling. You will find them in the rafters, on top of the stacks of hay or straw, or in Muffy’s case wherever she finds a convenient nesting spot. Kismet, our very first barn kitten, now chooses to spend most of his time at the old barn, far away from the other crazies. We love them all, and they are great company when doing barn, and even field chores. Of course, most importantly, they are very good at their job of barn patrol.

One thought on “Barn Cats in Late Summer

  1. Barn cats – what lovely terminology; I like animals that earn their living! Thanks, for your kind comment on my altered blog; much still to do and I;ll catch up with your posts once this month is over.

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