Poseidon and His Girls

Poseidon is our 4-year old colored ram.  He is a Cotswald – Border Leicester – Coopworth – Wensleydale cross.  He is probably the most agressive of the rams, especially when he is in with the ewes.  He growls at us when we try to come in the gate, but is usually easily distracted.  The quickest lesson learned by a shepherd/ess is to not turn your back on a ram; especially when he is in a breeding group.  Poseidon produces an amazing fleece with long, curly locks, and his lambs do the same.



Hera and Athena (triplets)

Poseidon is in with a grand group of girls:
4014 – Fiona – Coopworth – Blue-faced Leicester cross
40 – Athena – Coopworth – Border Leicester cross
41 – Hera – Coopworth – Border Leicester cross
620 – Daireann – Coopworth – Blue-faced Leicester cross
817 – Dierdre – Coopworth – Blue-faced Leicester – Wensleydale cross
910 – Julie – Coopworth – Border Leicester cross
930 – Havva – Coopworth – Blue-faced Leicester – Border Leicester – Wensleydale cross

One thought on “Poseidon and His Girls

  1. I have a great respect of such a ram and the shepherds ,who work with him. Our "bottle-child" Paul is one and a half year old, and he thinks, I am a sheep and he wants to play, but I do not want to play. Hope, he will become more decent later… 🙂

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