Sunny Sunday

After Saturday’s miserable weather (blowing snow, 11 degrees windchill), we were all (every one of us) searching for our spot in the sun yesterday.




Everyone, that is, except the guineas… and what were they searching for?  Well they apparently were doing some soul-searching, as they spent hours (yes, hours) Sunday morning staring at their reflections in the side barn door.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. That's hilarious! Love your photos (except – sorry to say this – the er, _ _ _. I have a phobia, and seeing a photo – especially unexpectedly – makes my heart race and my stomach turn. Sorry to all you _ _ _ lovers, but I wish all blogs came with government health warnings. Something like: "I wish to inform all readers who may have a _ _ _ phobia that the following post contains images of aforementioned" That would do nicely! ….Anyway, apart from you-know-what, I love the photos…and seeing the unusual sheep

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