Winter Colours Week – (Unofficially) Brown

While Poppytalk’s Winter Colour Week is officially over, here at Sheeps and Peeps Farm today is Brown.  This is necessary in celebration of the many Brown pictures taken for Wednesday, which actually was officially Green.  We hope you will enjoy this unofficial Day 6 of the farm girl take on Winter Colours Week.

Icy brown seed heads, not yet devoured by the birds

Sturdy beams of the old barn still providing shelter
and the memory of the quiet strength of family members no longer with us

Top of the old barn and our precious
hay crop

our sheep… wool… providing warmth to combat the wintery chill

Winter Colour Week inspired us to find the quiet beauty in the everyday…
oft-times unnoticed and passed by
Thank you, Poppytalk!

3 thoughts on “Winter Colours Week – (Unofficially) Brown

  1. I am so happy I found another WV blog. I follow a few and want to add you to my blog roll so others from my site can follow you. I love your pictures-they are beautiful. You have a great eye and I love your sheep. We have two shetland whethers. Love that picture of Bertha-she is gorgeous 🙂
    I live in Huntington, come visit our site if you get a chance… Verde Farm.
    Happy Sunday, Amy

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