Frigid Mornings

Like much of the north east, we have been enduring bitterly cold temperatures.  Yesterday morning dawned full of wind and snow.  The crows worked on Samson’s dog food taking advantage of the fact that he was holed up in his dog house.  This is an on-going game/battle, and if you observe for awhile, you can see that the crows even seem to work as a team with one of them sometimes acting as a lookout.  (Have you seen the PBS Nature episode – “A Murder of Crows”?  It showcases a lot of really interesting research involving crows; definitely worth watching.)

It doesn’t take long for tracks to disappear when the wind and snow are both going strong.  Some mornings boot tracks will fill back up with snow in the few hours it takes to finish the morning chores.  Overnight wind and snow had caused some pretty nice drifts on the road between the driveway and church, and on the barn lane, especially at the top of the hill.  The Ranger made short work of the drifts, but with a bit of wallowing and fish-tailing.  We were ever so thankful for the invention of bungee cords, by the time we made the mile-long trip from the old barn back with a load of hay.

There, the girls were patiently waiting.  The sun began to peek through, and despite the wind and  frigid temperatures they preferred the field to the barn; surely a testament to the warmth and the comfort of wool .

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