Just Another February Storm

Yesterday began with rain and temperatures in the 50’s but the mid-morning cold front brought gusting winds, sleet and hail.  By late afternoon the wind was gusting, the snow was blowing horizontally and wind chills had dropped to the single digits.  Samson’s buckets and dog house made an unplanned trip over the hill, many of the ewes headed into the barn and Betty Lou and Beef hunkered down in the ram pasture shelter.

The rams didn’t seem to be too concerned about much of anything and were perfectly content to hang out in the pasture despite everything that Mother Nature threw at them.

4 thoughts on “Just Another February Storm

  1. Your boys are pretty tough! My guys head for the barn at the first sign of inclement weather. The girls on the other hand, will sleep outside in a blizzard!

    Thanks for joining my blog family!

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