Typical March Weekend

In typical March fashion, Mother Nature threw a little bit of everything at us over the weekend.

We awoke Saturday morning to a beautiful sunrise, then just as predicted in that old saying – “red in the morning, sailor take warning” – a strong wind picked up and it began to rain.  Luckily it started right as we finished morning chores because it rained, and rained hard, all day and all night.
Those ewes that chose not to seek refuge in the barn, spent the worst of it standing completely still, facing into the storm.  We suppose this prevents the wind from ruffling their wool so that much of the rain just rolls off their lovely, lanolin-saturated locks.
More rain early Sunday morning and we, along with the rest of farm, were feeling pretty soggy.  Just as if on cue, as we finished dressing to go out for chores, the rain suddenly turned to snow.  It was a very wet snow, but it sure made our world a little less grey, a little more cheerful and turned the back pasture into a wintry, snow-globe complete with these fine, good-looking ram figurines.

4 thoughts on “Typical March Weekend

  1. I wish we would get snow here instead of the very rare little sprinkles we get every few years. Your last picture is beautiful, but the one that makes me laugh is where the girls are facing the storm, that is so cute.

  2. What beautiful, mystic photos! Like thousand years ago, so very calm and peaceful animals in the midst of magnificent weather.

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