In the Fiber Room

There are almost always buckets of fleece soaking either to wash or dye

There is dyeing…

and more dyeing

Which leads, of course, to large screens of fleece drying

More of Blackberry’s fleece being processed for blog friend, Michaele
More carding…lamb’s wool and mohair

and more spinning… this time Hera’s mill roving

10 thoughts on “In the Fiber Room

  1. I wish I could do what you do too. Yesterday I was given an angora rabbit so at least I can drop spin a little, although I think sheep would be more fun.

  2. These colors are artistic! Each combination an own picture. Fantastic imaginations of several hats , socks, tippets and pullovers come into my brain.

  3. yummy! I'd like to buy some fleece from you to try. i checked out your etsy shop. which fleece do you recommend?
    i just found a local family who raises wensleydale sheep….i'm so tempted to buy some lambs!
    love to you and yours,

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