Pondering the Who

The yearling ewes, as if to make up for being such troublemakers all winter, have now decided that they like nothing better than to have their heads scratched.  They especially love to be scratched behind the ears and will nudge you quite forcefully if you stop before they think you should.  And, honestly, who can resist a face like that?
In other news, it seems likely that the young Maebh (yearling ewe 1002) is in a family way.  Despite having grown up on the farm, and our prior shepherdess experience, our first reaction was “How did that happen?”  Well, having given it a second thought, we obviously know the how, the puzzle is the when.  We do not intentionally breed our ewes until they are two.  So either we did not get the ram lambs separated in time or we have another Houdini on our hands.  Hmmm, something to ponder as we go about the daily chores… the when… and then… the who.

8 thoughts on “Pondering the Who

  1. That is too funny that they want to be scratched behind the ears. And that wild ewe Maebh, in the family way? My, my, my, what will the neighbor's think? Ha. Thank you for the laugh this morning-I needed it.

  2. A lovely written text about lovely sheep living on a place where they get everything they need. Nice surprise, good wishes for the young mother in hope!

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