Maebh’s Lamb

This morning when going to feed, I was greeted in the barn by Maebh and her brand new baby ram: a sturdy, robust 11 lb. 13 oz.-er. Things must have gone smoothly, he was almost dry and was eating away. They are settled snugly in their jug for the next few days

And so it begins….
Hope this is a harbinger of how lambing season will progress this year….
Guess we will discover that when the real fun begins in a couple of weeks….

5 thoughts on “Maebh’s Lamb

  1. He is beautiful! Have you decided on a name yet? You know, I have a special place in my heart for wild, little Maebh and am so glad everything went well.

  2. He is a big boy. I'm not sure but I think that Icelandics must have little lambs compared to other breeds. I love all lambs. So sweet sleeping there.

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