Musical Pastures

We have been playing a bit of musical pastures with the guardians.  Samson has moved over to the graveyard field with the yearlings.  He is used to being moved from one paddock to another, and only asks that his beloved dog house moves with him.  He is kind of partial to his turquoise feed bucket and red water bucket, also; getting slightly bent out of shape if either of those is switched out.  But for now, he is happily installed with the yearlings, and they are getting used to the idea that this large fellow is their friend.  We hope to accomplish two things – cement relations between Samson and the yearlings and discourage the red fox family from continuing to use this field as a shortcut, well before the new peeps arrive in May.
Meanwhile, Belladonna has moved into a paddock adjoining the expectant ewes.  She now has her own big-girl dog house (sadly, not pictured) and her own small area to patrol.  She is still not allowed in with the sheep unattended, but this should help her learn a little more self-control.  She is such a big girl that it is hard to remember that she is only 8 1/2 months old.  Bella has taken to her new role whole-heartedly… exploring her new surroundings and becoming much more watchful at night.  She is taking her job very seriously and as you can see in the bottom picture, has quickly adopted the typical daylight position of the exhausted guardian.

Verde Farm and Dandelion House have joined forces this week to host a combined party of Farm Friends and Farmgirls – please hop over and visit them here.

12 thoughts on “Musical Pastures

  1. I know that what you do is hard work, but it looks like such rewarding work too. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.
    PS-Belladonna is beautiful!

  2. Such good keepers of the fields, your loving dogs are. They are doing a great job. I can hear a whole lot of baaaaaing going on. Miss that song.

  3. Bella is huge (and beautiful too)! What kind is she? She certainly looks like she's enjoying herself 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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