And Then There Was One

Once upon a time… Sheeps and Peeps Farm was the home to 16 guineas.  They spent their days happily roaming the pastures, eating bugs and noisily chatting away.  Then, one day Mr. Foxey Loxey was seen in the vicinity and mysteriously, one by one, the guineas began to disappear.  Now there is only our dear Erma.

Erma spends her days wandering the pasture looking for bugs…

inspecting farm equipment…

gazing at herself in the ‘mirror’…

communing with the sheep…

and checking inside the barn several times a day to make sure everything is going well.

In a few weeks, Erma will have company because the Peeps are here!  She will be joined in the evenings in the coop in the Granddaddy Green pasture by
**  the colorful, hardy, docile and productive Silver Laced Wyandottes
** the New Hampshire Reds, a pretty, vigorous, cold hardy and very docile breed 
** and the ‘Golden Beauties’, the Buff Orpingtons who have a calm, quiet disposition and heavy, full plumage.
The beautiful and very productive Rhode Island Reds and the White Giants will spend their nights in an enlarged coop by the farmhouse.  So far, all the peeps are doing just great.  We’ll keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “And Then There Was One

  1. So glad Erma has some friends or 'subjects' since I'm sure she must be queen of the farm. She really is very pretty. I don't know anything about guineas, do they lay eggs [well, I'm sure they lay for reproduction], but I mean lay eggs to collect?

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