Moving to Summer Pasture

We must say that the back paddock has become a very busy and noisy place, having been invaded by 50 lambs and their mamas.  So, much to Betty Lou Moo Moo and Beefcakes relief, they have been moved to the summer pasture on the ‘almost back forty’.


They are now most happily located away from all the noise and confusion that comes with little lambs.  The grass is growing, the spring is going strong, the watering trough is over-flowing… all is now right with their world.

4 thoughts on “Moving to Summer Pasture

  1. They are great looking cows! We are still trying to locate a good milk cow for our place, but not a lot of luck yet. I know that Olive is out there somewhere!

  2. This is so good and naturally.The cows and sheep and baby-sheep are wonderful good friends, so peaceful. And they will find fine green grass and fresh water!

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