Yearlings, Hera and Triplets

There is a seemingly endless cycle of putting fence up… taking fence down… putting fence up… taking fence down… going on at the farm.  The happy sheep produced by this paddock merry-go-around sure makes it all worthwhile.  The yearlings were moved into the third and final section of the barnyard last weekend, and will be moved once again this weekend.
They have been joined by Ceres (in the foreground below) who is doing so much better!  Although she is losing some of her wool from the stress and looks a little rough, she is eating well and really enjoys being out of the barn.

Hera and the triplets have also moved out of the barn and are enjoying their own little paddock.  We began supplementing the little ewe with a bottle.  She is less agressive and doesn’t seem to be getting her fair share of milk.  Hopefully she will begin to catch up with her brothers.

6 thoughts on “Yearlings, Hera and Triplets

  1. O, the fences! I can sing a never ending fence-song! I am happy to hear, that I am not the only one in this wide world. 🙂 Most lovely ewe with triplets!!!

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