October Snow

While not the first snowfall of the season, Saturday’s snow was the first with significant accumulation – over six inches. This presented a few chanllenges, as we are never quite ready for the extra organization required to haul and feed hay. We were so much luckier than our neighbors to the northeast… some inconvenience, but really… just a lovely October snowfall.

6 thoughts on “October Snow

  1. What an early snow, o my dear! I heard about a lot of snow in the eastern part of USA in the radio here and thought immediately of you! Heaven-stars on the 1.11.11 – what a beginning!! Here in Bavaria the first November is a high feast in memory of all Saints and eternity.

  2. Thank you, it was really a wonderful "All-Saints-Day"! The graves are very beautiful decorated with plants and lights.
    And when I admire the colored trees in the nature I always say: Sheeps and Peeps-Farm says: "This only happens once a year!" And all say: "O, yes!"

    The story of my sheep you find in my blog today.

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