October Snow

While not the first snowfall of the season, Saturday’s snow was the first with significant accumulation – over six inches. This presented a few chanllenges, as we are never quite ready for the extra organization required to haul and feed hay. We were so much luckier than our neighbors to the northeast… some inconvenience, but really… just a lovely October snowfall.

Sunday Muse

Oh I’d like to go back
To that old country church
To hear the songs of praise
How the people would sing
It would make the rafters ring
At that old, that old country church

Shall we gather at the river
The beautiful, beautiful river
Gather with the saints at the river
That flows by the throne of God

Oh I’ll never forget
At that old country church
How the Glory of the Lord came down
And the children would smile
As they shouted down the aisle
Of that old, that old country church

In the sweet bye and bye
We shall meet on that beautiful shore
In the sweet bye and bye
We shall meet on that beautiful shore

Then on Sunday I’d see
All my friends dear to me
At that old country church
When it came time for prayer
Everybody would be there
At that old country church

 Leaning, oh yes I’m leaning
Safe and secure from all alarm
Leaning, oh yes I’m leaning
Leaning on the ever lasting arm

Now the years have gone by
And so many have died
At that old country church
But they are on that other shore
Where they will sing forever more
As they did at that old country church

   — “The Old Country Church” – Lyrics by J. D. Sumner

The Month of Thanksgiving – Day Twenty-Nine

Mt. Olivet
They sing of the church in the valley,
But my heart receives a great thrill
When I think of the home of my childhood
And the little white church on the hill.
It stands as a symbol of Gods love
And mother’s and father’s love too.
For they went with us each Sunday morning
To show us the pathway so true.
God’s acre is near, and our dear ones
Lie under its green grassy sod.
Their lives have been our inspiration
We know they’ve gone home to God.
I’ve seen very beautiful churches
Some that I’ll never forget.
But none so dear as the church on the hill
The one that we call Olivet.
— found among Great Grandfather David Dixon’s papers, written by our Great Aunt Ida Amanda Dixon Price (shared by our Great Aunt Mary Florence Dixon Hardesty)