At least it isn’t muddy


After mucking through the mud most of December, the first days of January have brought temps in the teens, high winds and lake effect snow. The sheep are snowy and happy, but the wind makes for a not so pleasant experience for we mere humans.




5 thoughts on “At least it isn’t muddy

  1. So romantic! Sheep and snow fit so good together! They look like my sheep, but here is mud! maybe we will get your weather next days…

  2. Not muddy here, either. But that's because the mud is frozen. Thank goodness no snow. But the only ones enjoying the cold temps are the Shetland pony and the Great Pyrenees. Us native Southerners refuse to complain, though. b/c it has been so mild so far. If I want snow I check farm blogs like yours for pics and call it a day 🙂
    Stevie @

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