Before the Snow

Before the snow, we broke up the breeding groups and moved all the ewes back to the granddaddy green paddock at the barn.  This will make morning chores much easier througout the winter.  We penned Poseidon and Aragorn in a small space in the barn for about 24 hours and then moved them to the paddock behind the house.  We’ve done this for several years and it seems to significantly lessen their aggressive behavior once they are removed from the ewes.  We left the older ram, Liam, in with the group at the barn so that we can  sneak him a little grain and carrots. 
Everything went really well until we opened one of the gates and as a group of ewes came through we noticed an extra black ewe marked with the blue breeding wax.  Blackberry, who was retired last year, had managed to weasel her way through two temporary fences and had a romantic rendezvous with Liam sometime during the day.  She was promptly removed and taken back to re-join the ewe lambs; fences were re-built and strengthened with some extra poles.  A minor mishap… fingers crossed that if she did get caught that she won’t have any problems this time around.
So happy to have the ewes all together back at the barn!

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