Closer to Spring

Slowly but surely we are inching closer to spring ~ the maple tree buds are swelling and  so are the daffodils.  The roadside wildflower coltsfoot are popping out and beginning to bloom.  The cardinals’ springtime dance has begun ~ with first a glimpse… a glance… a flit… and a flutter.
In just one short week, it will be official… it will be spring!

5 thoughts on “Closer to Spring

  1. I am SO ready for spring! We have been doing the tease with the weather here – warm, then cold, then hot, then freezing…poor plants are so confused! But, spring is coming…lovely photos of the buds! Happy day!

  2. I think, we are 14 days later than you.
    And always you make so beautiful photos not only of sheep and hen, also of little wild birds! Precious!

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