More… Anticipation

We are oh so very close… the expectant mamas are spending their time eating and resting.  Everyone gets up and down a little gingerly, a little more slowly.  Second cutting hay and a little corn and oats have been added to their feed schedule.  We’ve been adding apple cider vinegar to their water on these unusually warm April days. 

Bets are on…
who will have twins… almost all of them look like they are carrying twins
will Hera have triplets or maybe Athena will this year… Julie looks awfully big, maybe she will have triplets…
who will go first… will it be Daisy, whose udder is gigantic… or will it be Maibh or Sweet Pea

So go the days leading up to the first lamb hitting the ground… questions swirling around inside the shepherdess/s heads…. conversations held in the pasture and in the barn.  Anticipation… yes… great anticipation.


10 thoughts on “More… Anticipation

  1. 'Our' sheep (my brother-in-law's) have almost finished lambing – only four left to go! We have them scanned so he knows which are expecting singles, twins etc, then he feeds them accordingly. Our weather has been really, really cold, but the lambing has gone well, so far 🙂

    Can't wait to see yours. Ours are Scottish Blackfaces…

  2. And the camera batteries are charged right? 🙂
    I can't wait to see all the new life that is headed your way.
    The new moon is the 21st so that is my guess for birthday's!

  3. I am waiting to see all the new babies…but I have to ask – why apple cider vinegar??? What a great buildup you have given us!

  4. I can't wait either over in my neck of the woods. I wish we were having lambs this year but must be patient. When I came home from work last night, our girls were waiting at the gate for me, yelling for their grain. They have fit in so well.

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