Last of the Shearing

We sheared the rams this weekend, a whole six weeks earlier than last year.  We have been running a little behind on everything, so it was exciting to accomplish something on schedule!  Aragorn looked on as Poseidon was first at the clippers, then he and Liam had their turn.  All three of them have such beautiful fleeces.  Poseidon and Aragorn spent about fifteen hours in the ram cram before moving into a paddock with newly repaired fencing.  Our older fellow, Liam, went back in with the expectant mamas for now.  He is still a bit wobbly from his battle with deer worm, and is being spoiled with some extra tlc. 

7 thoughts on “Last of the Shearing

  1. I have to admit, they look so comfortable in that end photo!! I can't imagine toting around all the fleece they carry!
    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.

  2. What an interesting journey it has been…have never seen sheep shearing before. We did visit the wool heritage center in Leenane, Connemara, Ireland last year…so we saw the finished product.

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