Lucky Ewes

Over the course of two days, sometimes through the wind and rain, we moved the breeding ewes temporary fencing in the hayfield.  They spend the day in this paddock then come in to the permanent, woven wire fencing at night.  They are very excited about all that fresh green pasture, and come running when they hear the gate opening.  If the girls look up from eating long enough they’ll also realize how lucky they are to be surrounded by all this beautiful fall foliage.  

In a few short weeks, we will move them back near the newer barn where we will get everyone ready for breeding season.  Poseidon and Aragorn say hurry it up… they are ready and waiting!

6 thoughts on “Lucky Ewes

  1. I love these photos, especially the photo with the ewes and the red tree, the blue-orange hill and the light-green grass very much. What a RED!

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