After Sandy

A quick post to let you know that, yes, we are all ok.  Sandy hit our mountains with over 2 feet snow and drifts even higher.  Like much of the rest of our state we are without electricity.  We have a wood stove, and that is providing warmth.
Yesterday, feeding was done with snowshoes, and the tractor got hay to the top of the hill and the sheep in the back pasture.  Monday, we stockpiled hay in buildings closer to the some of the sheep.  A lesson learned from past snowstorms. 
As sometimes happens with big snowstorms, the animals have begun to rearrange themselves because they can walk over the temporary fencing dividing the pasture.  Bella, for the first time ever, has actually sought shelter and has hunkered down with two ewes in their small shed.  Although you can’t see their fencing at all, so far the rams have stayed in their small paddock.   Just in case they decide to wander, the corral gate was shoveled out and closed.  And those lambs that were shorn on Saturday, well don’t worry about them.  They are tucked away snug in the barn. 
Thank you, everyone, for all your thoughts and prayers.   The blizzard warning has been lifted, but we’re under a winter storm warning today for three to five more inches.  Roads are getting re-opened, so hopefully the lights will come back on soon.  We’re praying for all those who were hit much harder and are so much less fortunate than us.  We’ll keep you updated as we can. 

13 thoughts on “After Sandy

  1. Glad to hear you are managing. "Rearrange themselves"–that has to be the nicest, most civilized way to say "sheep out!" I've ever heard. I understand that they are probably just co-mingling, and not truly "out", and that's why you're typing about it calmly. =)

    Best wishes…

  2. glad to hear you've weathered the storm. we did fine, at Thistle Cove Farm. animals all have shelter, food and water. snow is still falling, we've had about 2 feet but drifts of 3 feet and more. my friend, other end of the county, has drifts of 20 feet!

  3. So glad to hear that all is well. People seem to freak out when they see that much snow. True, it came early but you deal with it and go on. Happy Halloween. What a trick!

  4. Oh my! Beautiful shots BUT what weather. So glad you made it through. Ms. Sandy did a number out here (New Jersey) and we are slowly recovering. I was blessed but friends…not so much. We are hoping and praying the snow they are predicting for tomorrow and Thursday will pass us by. We need a break as, I believe, you do to. Hugs to you and yours!

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