Sandy's Blizzard 2012

the first 'coop curtain' of the seasonbarn lanedrivewaytaking hay to the back pasturelambs tucked snugly in the barnglimpse of sunshine in the evening
cemeteryCathedral ParkCathedral ParkGeorge Washington HighwayBellviewroad grader
traffic backupsnappedconfusedcabin feverthe lambspumpkin
snow off barn roofat the barnsnowshoesbellacoop curtainthrough the barn door
Sandy’s Blizzard 2012, a set on Flickr.

There is now electricity within about one and half miles of the farmhouse! We’re hoping today is the big day! Hopefully by the weekend it will warm up and melt down enough that we can begin repairing fence, etc. Once again, we can’t say enough how fortunate we’ve been compared to others. We are thankful!
Special thanks goes to the volunteers at the Aurora Fire Department who have worked tirelessly in the community… first cutting trees and clearing roads, pumping out basements, delivering Red Cross meals, even picking up people to vote! The list could go on and on and on. They have helped so many.
There are more photos in this set and notes with more details on the individual photos on Flickr. Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

7 thoughts on “Sandy's Blizzard 2012

  1. Your photos are incredible…the closest experience I've had with weather like this was an ice storm that stayed around about 4 days. I have also been through a couple of hurricanes, just not the two conditions together! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family….

  2. Enjoyed all the pictures, we have been praying for you everyday since the storm. We are so glad you are safe. We had heard about the cattle barn coming down in Terra Alta. My heart breaks for them. I cannot imagine the pain of losing that many of your animals in one moment like that. I'm so glad the sheepies are all ok. I keep telling our crew what is going on to all their family members but they just keep munching hay as if they are not concerned at all. You know how sheep are sometimes. 🙂 Still haven't seen Boaz breed the ewes yet but maybe he's just sneaky. Time will tell. Hope the power comes on today. We will keep you all in our prayer time. Hugs to you all.

  3. Sandy certainly was an amazing storm! For whatever reason, our power was off less than a day…a record, I'm thinking. Hope your power is restored soon. Hurrah for the electric company; they do incredible, and dangerous, work in ALL kinds of weather.

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