Poseidon’s Girls

After a marathon working weekend, we finally have all the breeding ewes’ hooves trimmed, the temporary fencing up, the dogs moved, and the breeding groups in place.  Here’s a little introduction to the first of the groups.  They spent most of the day over on top of the hill.  Only Petunia and her daughter, Poppy, even came down to the fence when we fed hay this morning. 

Here are Poseidon’s Girls
811     Petunia   Lincoln-Coopworth-Wensleydale-Border Leicester
1008   Poppy     Lincoln-Coopworth-Wensleydale-Border Leicester
1025   Nettie      Border Leicester
1119   Joannie   Romney-Coopworth-Wensleydale-Border Leicester
1140   Faith       Border Leicester
1141   Grace      Border Leicester

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