Aragorn’s Companions

And finally, today brings us back to the barnyard and to Aragorn, our four-year-old Border Leicester ram.  He has great bloodlines and throws a wonderful lamb with a long top and beautiful wool.  Almost 75% of his offspring were twins last spring.
Four breeding groups this fall… excitement is in the air… and only about 147 days to go before the first lamb hits the ground this spring.   

Aragorn’s companions:
604    Sweet Pea   Lincoln-Coopworth-Wensleydale
612    Princess   Border Leicester-Coopworth-Wensleydale
616    Rosey   Border Leicester-Coopworth-Wensleydale
716    Harmonia   Coopworth-Border Leicester-Wensleydale
720    Cassidy   Coopworth-Border Leicester-Cotswald-Wensleydale
801    Patience   Border Leicester-Coopworth-Wensleydale
817    Dierdre   Coopworth-Border Leicester-Blue-faced Leicester-Wensleydale
906    Lucy   Romney-Coopworth-Wensleydale
914    Bertha   Coopworth-Border Leicester-Cotswald-Wensleydale
919    Serenity   Border Leicester
1002  Maibh   Border Leicester-Coopworth-Wensleydale
1134  Branna   Coopworth-Blue-faced Leicester-Border Leicester-Cotswald

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