Frey and His Ladies

Despite his busy schedule (twenty-three ladies in his breeding group), Frey found some time to enjoy the sunshine – as we all were on Sunday after a hectic Saturday finishing breeding preparations and moving sheep.

Frey is in with a beautiful, diverse group of longwool ladies with lovely wool locks – Romney crosses, Coopworth crosses, Border Leicester crosses.  With their bloodlines and his Finn – Teeswater lines, we’re hoping that next year’s lambs will be healthy and strong and produce another beautiful crop of wool.

It is such a joy researching each ewe’s line while making breeding group decisions… traveling back through the history of the flock… remembering special sheep with such fondness.  We’re sometimes surprised by little things that have slipped our minds in the busyness of day to day farm chores.  There are exclamations of “Oh my, Dahlia and Daisy are Dolly’s daughters and Rosey’s grand-daughters!”  Soft, curly fleeces are examined and admired.  Truly, truly each season on the farm has so many little rewards.

Jill ~ Romney cross, now the matriarch of the flock at 10 years old

Frey or Freyr ~ the ruler of peace and fertility, rain and sunshine 


We’ve been contemplating keeping Pippen, one of Hera’s triplets, as a breeding ram.

We’ve kept an eye on his progress and he has an excellent health record.  We’ve admired his wool during the summer as the triplets took their supplemental bottles.

Still we weren’t quite prepared, when skirting this weekend to find that the extremely beautiful fleece we were working on turned out to be Pippen’s.  While we aren’t quite sure that we are happy with the conformation of his rear legs.  We sure are excited about the quality of his fleece.

Fall Fashion

We thought you might enjoy a peek at Farm Fall Fashion Week.  This is what all the best dressed lambs will be wearing.  We are very excited that this preview shows that the hot trend will be long, curly, lustrous, and very beautiful fleeces!

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