Montague and the Girls

Every year the shepherdesses work on the breeding ewe worksheet separately without discussing our breeding philosophy for the year, then compare our results.  This year, as usual, we were very close in our decisions, only differing in one choice.

Along with the new girls, Sadie and Sarah (pictured above), there are several families included in Montague’s group – Serenity and her daughters Harmony and Thalia (one of the three Graces); Maibh (may+v) and her daughters Maire (my+ra) and Matilda; Dolly and her daughters Dahlia, Daisy and Darah (house of the shepherd).  Although some are crosses, all were chosen for their strong Border Leicester bloodlines and to build upon their physical strengths and fleece quality.   We are very excited about breeding season and, of course, we’re already dreaming about next year’s lambs.

Dahlia ~ daughter of Dolly, grand-daughter of Rosey

Introducing Strider

We are very pleased to introduce you to Strider, the ram lamb formerly known as Mister 1225.  He is out of Serenity and Aragorn; a pure Border Leicester.  He has been wormed only once, at weaning, and has an exceptional health record.  He is a twin, and both he and his sister have an excellent growth rate. We have him in with four ewes, and we may sell him next summer as a proven ram. 

The lovely ladies in Strider’s group are
41    Hera    Coopworth-Border Leicester
821  Siar     Border Leicester-Cotswald-Coopworth-Wensleydale
910  Julie    Coopworth-Border Leicester-Blue-faced Leicester
930  Havva  Coopworth-Border Leicester-Blue-faced Leicester-Wensleydale

No Maintenance Beyond This Point

After last week’s Tuesday and Wednesday snowfall, we had some pretty warm weather the rest of the week.  So Saturday on the way back from the feed store in Eglon, we decided to come home the back way, possibly for the last time until Spring.  Here we found some very pretty drifts, and you can see why this section of road becomes No Maintenance Beyond This Point  once winter settles in.  The state road crews plow either end but this turn at the top of a small hill normally blows closed and stays that way until snow-melt.

In other news, we have found the Ultimate Flickr Group Obsessive Sheep Photographers – 1,952 members strong and 11,318 photos in the pool.  Oops… gotta go… off to make this photo of the lovely Juliet number 11,319! 

Two more lambs to share

Wednesday afternoon Princess delivered a beautiful little ewe which we are excited about. Her lambs are always the fastest growers, and this is her first ewe so we shall see if she grows as well as her ram lambs did. She is still damp in this picture so it is not the best:100_8064 Then, early this morn, around 1 a.m., we got our first purebred border leicester… a ram lamb from Kelly:100_8069 A rather handsome little fellow who will hopefully be a great stud ram for someone’s fiber farm.

Our First Lamb of 2010 has Arrived

Our first lamb was born last night: a robust little 9 lb 12 oz ram lamb who is three-quarters border leicester and has the sweetest little face and quiet Baaaa!

After the challenging winter and amidst our healing…how fitting is it that our first lamb #1001 is the son of #801 Patience, and grandson of #21 Hope?

We may have to break our “Do Not Name the Rams” rule for this little guy.
Anyone have name suggestions?

Juliet Loves Company

Juliet has an open-air condo where she can enjoy the outdoors safely. (Thank you Jonathan!) She seems to like it even better when she has company. It is a very popular hang-out. Kinsey came to visit Juliet and got to help feed her 100_7379 and play in her condo. 100_7381 Rufus the Naked Mole Rat Rabbit has been spending the days with her and really enjoys the exercise and green refreshments. 100_7384 Lena and Harley stop by quite often for some ‘tent time’. 100_7383 Juliet loves all the attention.

Hebe’s Boys

These two good looking fellas are out of our three year old ewe, Hebe, and our stud ram, Goliath. Hebe is a lovely silver/black Coopworth-Border Leicester-Wensleydale cross that produces a wonderful, long, heavy fleece. Goliath is a Coopworth-Blue-faced Leicester cross who also produces a really nice, soft fleece. It will be great fun to watch the wool grow on these two little fellas during the summer months.