All the snow is gone, except for a few spots on the most northern facing hillsides.  The perfect time to break up the breeding groups and get everybody into winter pasture.  Poseidon and Aragorn have been moved to the back pasture.  We debated whether to keep them closer to the barn, but when they are back here we don’t have to worry about them getting out if the snow gets deep.   We followed our usual routine and after about twenty minutes to rambunctious head-butting and neck wrestling, they have settled in nicely.

We moved Liam, our almost eight-year-old ram, and Strider, the hogget ram, in with the ewes in the barn paddock.  Liam is not the strongest ram in the field any longer, but refuses to back down from the others.  So we have him at the barn where we can spoil him with the occasional carrot.  Strider is so much smaller than Poseidon and Aragorn, we kept him at the barn so he can grow out properly.  So far they have done not much more than sniff each other in passing…. with fingers crossed, we’re hoping this continues.

Oddly enough, it has been Jack, one of the wethers, that has been most concerned with Strider’s presence.  Anytime he sees Strider persuing one of the ewes, he comes flying just as fast as his plump body can move.  As you can see above, this has not been the best of things for Strider’s self esteem.  It has not done much for Jack’s either as he is neither as fast nor as nimble as the hogget, and at times ends up on the ground in an embarassed heap.  He slowly rights himself and looks around sheepishly, hoping that none of the girls were watching. 

So, we are finally all set for winter weather.  Hopefully there are plenty of beautiful lambs now growing inside these wooly bodies.  The girls are re-establishing their pecking order, and settling in nicely. 

And, as you can see, this all has the Princess Seal of Approval.

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