Sunday Muse

I want to wake up in the morning
Where the rhododendrons grow;
Where the sun comes a-creepin’
Into where I’m a-sleepin’
And the songbirds say, “Hello.”
I want to wander thru’ the wildwood
Where the fragrant breezes blow
And drift back to the mountains
Where the rhododendrons grow.

I want to climb up in the mountains
Where the rhododendrons grow;
Where the Lord is so near me
When I breathe He can hear me
And the whole world sings below.
I want to lay down all my burdens
And forget my worldly woes,
And stay here in West Virginia
Where the rhododendrons grow.

‘The Rhododendron Song’ ~ memories from 4-H Camp

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We just can’t help sharing more… more spring blooms… more flowers… more blossoms.
The blueberry bushes are heavily laden with blooms in shades of white, pink and deep red.  The fruit trees just keep treating us with more beautiful blossoms.  Hopefully this week’s freezing cold temperatures and snow flurries will do nothing to harm what should be a bountiful crop of fruit this summer.