Roadside Beauty

It’s that time of year when the roadsides are full of color.  You can’t miss the beauty as you make your way through daily chores, wander a bit farther down the road or sneak a stroll down the proverbial ‘road less traveled’.
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Sunday Muse

I want to wake up in the morning
Where the rhododendrons grow;
Where the sun comes a-creepin’
Into where I’m a-sleepin’
And the songbirds say, “Hello.”
I want to wander thru’ the wildwood
Where the fragrant breezes blow
And drift back to the mountains
Where the rhododendrons grow.

I want to climb up in the mountains
Where the rhododendrons grow;
Where the Lord is so near me
When I breathe He can hear me
And the whole world sings below.
I want to lay down all my burdens
And forget my worldly woes,
And stay here in West Virginia
Where the rhododendrons grow.

‘The Rhododendron Song’ ~ memories from 4-H Camp

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