Late Summer

It’s been a busy few weeks, as summer winds down and we work hard to make the most of the pasture grass.  The guard dogs and the bachelors are settled in nicely in the back pasture.

After moving and rebuilding temporary fence, the ewes are happily established in the hayfield during the day, moving into the adjoining paddock with strong perimeter fencing during the night.

Which brings us to the lambs… well the lambs are living the high life in paddock #2 of the graveyard field.  So far they are growing out nicely, and producing beautiful fleeces that are ooohed and aaahed over when they come in for scoring and testing.  They are a lovely flock.

Good Fences

Temporary electric net fencing is a godsend for dividing the pasture into paddocks for rotational grazing.  Here we’ve set up a temporary paddock outside the perimeter fencing so that the bio-mowers – the wethers and some of the yearlings – can help us maintain part of the barnyard.  After spending the day out in the barnyard, they are brought back into the barn at night.

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