Still… the Adverb

(adverb) as previously, as yet, as in the past…

Despite a couple days of warmer temperatures, some of the feeders and the fence line still look like this

and this… Samson can still walk over the perimeter fence, so he is still in the barn

where he now thinks that his primary job is to guard the rabbits and the hay bales. This and the fact that we now need to take him on walks, has made feeding time even more of an adventure.

Poor Saul’s breeding group is still at the bottom of the hill. We are still pulling hay and water to them on a tarp, BUT we no longer have to wear snowshoes! Woooo Hoooo!

Samson’s Breakfast

Samson is a great guard dog and is usually up most of the night – on guard, on patrol – barking and warding off any nocturnal intruders. So every morning there is great excitement when his breakfast is put out in the field. (He is a big dog and therefore deserves his big dog bowl… uhh.. bucket.)
For as rowdy as crows normally are, they are unusually cooperative and polite during their morning raid. One or more of the crows always stands lookout; taking advantage of Samson’s well-earned morning nap.