One of These Things

We’ve been playing a lot of “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” for the last week or so.  With the heavy snowfalls and the apparently inherent ‘es-capability’ of hoggets, there has been an on-going game of musical pastures.  Each morning at feeding time everyone is moved back to their appointed pasture, and the next morning everyone is back in the barn paddock.  This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing except for the varying nutritional needs of the different groups.  We didn’t really have the time or energy to discover and repair the escape routes before the next round of snow began.  So for now… musical pastures it is 🙂

Dog Tales

The severe cold snap in the weather proved a challenge in making sure all were sheltered from the life threatening wind chills. All had good access to shelter but for the always – on – the – job guardian dogs….Sampson and Belladonna. Sam uses his doghouse frequently but Bella frankly refuses shelter, preferring to, at best, bed down in the downslope trees.
Thus, we decided to build a windbreak for Bella which was quickly claimed by Sam..and progressed into a two chamber shelter. ..then a tarped 2 chamber.
Finally as night fell and double digit temperatures kept falling with the wind gusts rising…and noone was using the architectural masterpiece..we decided to attempt bringing them in the barn for the night. Sam made himself right at home. Bella definitely did not appreciate being in, paced the floor, and escaped thru the gate to play ‘catch me if you can’ for a bit but both the barn and the dogs survived the adventurous night.